The War Of Business

by Kyle Barry November 15th, 2019

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As a business owner you go to war everyday. You are the commander and chief of a team that is looking to be successful in whatever war you decided to fight. If that is a war against bad food, illness, shelter, etc. Your team goes to war to fight for the success of your business and the people involved in your business. Your army includes generals ( your managers) soldiers ( your employees ) and civilians ( your customers. )  Your enemy is your competition, customer ignorance, and any other factor that gets in the way of your army's success towards your ultimate goal!

So what is the difference between a winning and losing army? 

A winning army has faith in the overall goal and come together to find success under one ideology. 

As a business owner your ideology and what you believe in is what you and your employees fight for everyday. This is your morals, the way you conduct business, your customer service, and your quality of work. So the question stands, how do you get your army (managers, employees, and customers) to understand your ideology?

The answer is BRANDING.

Branding is defined as; the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.

Branding is what defines each and every business. Even if you have never heard of the word before your business is constantly branding itself. From your business cards to your finished service, every aspect of your business defines who you are or represents your brand. So how does branding help you win the war of business?

As a business owner our focus can be divided into a million different aspects, especially when it comes to methods of growing our business. Should we focus on content or imagery to represent what we do? Should we focus on getting referrals from our current customers? Maybe we should be focused on advertising our newest promotion? Personally I believe if you focus on one thing your business will continue to grow, and that is branding.

If you focus on branding in every aspect you do from connecting with customers, representing yourself correctly during your service, and following up with your customer with the right customer service and imagery your business will grow! 

As an entrepreneur we know that we need to work on ourselves before we can help others. Personally we need to hold a statue of understanding to teach or give back to others and your business process is no different. Your business needs to have a sturdy foundation of a strong army with a clear image of what they are looking to achieve to find success in the long run. 

If you have more questions about how to brand yourself and your business schedule a call today!

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