Increase Online Orders, Get More Walk-ins, & Distribute Coupons For Less.

Restaurants deserve marketing systems that are lower cost and focused on high volume! Online advertising has allowed restaurants to reduce their cost for advertising and have a profitable ROI on their advertising dollars! With online advertising we help restaurants: 

  • Attract New Customers
  • Drive Customers To Your Front Door
  • Increase Online Reservations & Orders
  • Easily Distribute Coupons
  • Increase Overall Restaurant Value

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Get New Customers 

We use the newest forms of online advertising such as Facebook and Youtube advertising to get your business in front of the right customers for less!

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Our goal is to get each new customer through your door a minimum of 3 times! We use follow up systems such as Facebook messenger to bring your customer in time and time again. 

Grow Your Restaurant

While developing a database of your customers we will get the most value out of each customers with feedback, review management, referral programs, and more! 

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Connect With Your Local Customers

Stop putting all your money into one print advertisement, radio ad, or TV offer. Run hundreds of ads at once turning off the ones that cost the most and scaling the best performing ads. With Facebook ads you can:

  • Find New Customers
  • Retarget Current Customers
  • Increase Online Orders
  • Drive Traffic To Your Front Door
  • Real Time Analytics Of Your Customers

We are here to help out any restaurant no matter how big or small. We believe the proof is in the pudding. Schedule a call today for a marketing consultation and a free campaign specifically for your area!


Put Your Business In Front Of Customers On The Biggest Platforms 

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See What Local Restaurants Have To Say 

Build a list of customers, drive customers through your front door, and grow your business month by month!

"Using Kyle's knowledge of Facebook advertising and chatbots we were able to take our slowest month of the year and increase sales 20% year by year! In the matter of a month, we went from hoping customers walked in our front door to developing a database of over 300 customers that we can reach out to at any time to ensure we have customers coming through our front door...."

Tim Ferris , Owner, Wicked Good Deli


More Words From Our Clients

We Love Restaurants! 

"We found Kyle in the spring of 2018 to help springboard a new marketing campaign for our Organic Marketplace in Bonita Springs. He helped us to transform a sleepy 35 year old beloved local shop into one that has a reputation for innovative healthy products. Kyle helped design ads on multiple social media platforms and optimized our online presence so our name comes first when new customers search for Organic food. Our monthly sales are up 35 percent after a year of the campaign. We would highly recommend his energy level and knowledge for shaking up traditional small business ventures in SWFL."

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Bruce Ford
Owner, For Goodness Sake

"Kyle Barry and KB Social Media have been great for the growth of Bahia Bowls. He initially helped us with some innovative ideas for franchise advertising and since then have created a full proof system for advertising Bahia Bowls. We have developed a rock solid advertising structure for the grand opening of each Bahia Bowls location as well as an advertising campaign that will grow a franchise month by month! What Kyle does for Bahia Bowls ensures that we are spending our money on advertising as effectively as possible by figuring out exactly what works and optimizing it. I recommend that our franchisees participate in this program to ensure that all of your ad dollars are being properly utilized!"

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Ben Casey
Owner, Bahia Bowls

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Qualification Call 

Grow Your Business and Connect With Your Customers

  • Only A 15 Minute Call
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  • Review Your Goals
  • Check Requirements

Game Plan Overview 

Increase The Overall Value Of Each Customer And Your Business

  • 30-45 Minute Call
  • Full Overview Of Your Business
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Full Game Plan For Success
  • Step-by-step Guide to launch your Game Plan
  • Transparent Pricing And Timeline

Grow Your Restaurant

The Ultimate Package For Any Restaurant Looking To Win!

  • 45 Minute - 1 Hour Call
  • Organize Your Current Online Systems
  • Sort Pictures and Videos
  • Discuss Sales Points and Best Copy
  • Gain Access Or Create Advertising Platforms Within Your Business
  • Discuss Customer Avatars and Targeting 
  • Finalize Timeline and Payment 

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I run Facebook ads for my restaurant?

    Facebook has been restricting your business's reach for years while getting all of your local customers on their platform. In 2015 a regular Facebook post would reach over 40% of your followers, today that post will only reach 2%-4% of your followers. Facebook has slowly become a pay to play platform without letting anyone know. Good news though, the big companies still haven't figured out Facebook so you have the opportunity to get in front of customers at a low cost. In 2020 we are seeing a cost of $3-$6 to reach out to 1000 people on Facebook, the lowest cost advertising program out there outside of Youtube. With Facebook your customers are only a single click away from getting to your online order or reservation page making redemption rates for your advertisement higher than any physical platform. 

  • What ad platforms are showing the best results?

    With such a small profit per sale restaurants have to use their advertising budget wisely. Right now Facebook ads, Google Map ads, and Youtube ads are showing the lowest cost to reach out to customers and the highest return when used correctly. Work with a business that understands your profit per average ticket and brings you new customers at a profitable rate!

  • What is the difference between hiring a marketer instead of doing ads myself?

    As a restaurant owner your main concern should be focusing on the production of your food and the happiness of your customers, not if your customers are going to walk through your front door or not. We are 100% focused on bringing customers to your business so you can be focused on putting a smile on their face. While you are checking on your employees or prepping in the morning we are developing 100s of variations of advertisements to find out the lowest cost to reach out to customers that will deliver the highest return.

  • Are you just posting pictures and videos on Facebook?

    No, posting on social media or on your Google My Business page is all considered organic outreach. This is seen by your previous customers or people already searching for your business. We can help you with these posts but that is not our focus. We develop ads and put them in front of new customers that have not seen your business before.

  • What do I need to find success online as a restaurant owner?

    The foundation of your business online consists of a strong website, an online ordering system, listings on all major search engines, optimized social media pages, Facebook pixel tracking, Google analytics, a call tracking number, and a storage system to collect all your customers information. Yes, that sounds like a lot but we help restaurants everyday get these systems in place and then use those systems to grow their business!


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