Facebook Advertisement Copy That Converts

by Kyle Barry March 31st, 2020

Facebook ad copy seems like the hardest thing to get right. Should you write long copy, short copy, use emojis, and what can you say and not say to make sure your ad gets approved? My answer, for almost anything in advertising, is test, test, and test some more! But we all need a good place to start.

Below is the exact ad copy formula I have been using for years because it works! I use this formula in my "Primary Text" to create a long form ad copy and then break that long form copy up into several short form copies once I get the long form copy that I see is working! To add to the formula below make sure you use emojis, you know the audience your talking to, and have read the Facebook guidelines so your ad doesn't get disapproved. 

facebook ads

Call Out: Call out our target audience 

Question: Pose the question that you are supplying an answer for

Answer: Answer the posed question ( Done in graphic or Headline )

Pain Point/ Problem: Express the pain point of problems ( Done In Graphic )

Relate/Connect: Show a further connection with the customer by relating to the pain point

Solution: Show our solution

Proof of Success: express or show the success of our solution

Proclaimed Success: Show what they will get if they use our services

Be a Hero: Give something back to the customers in knowledge of gifts

Call To Action: directions to drive customer to capture page

Final Power Statement

Personal Closing


Next- Questions.

How is Your Business Doing? Is It Growing? Maintaining? Failing?

Positive feel good answers-

Congratulations if you are one of the few that are successful!!

Problems & Pain-

Unfortunately, If you’re like most new entrepreneurs, you may be stuck and wondering, how do some businesses do very well in a short time while others {PAIN!!} struggle to make payroll, pay bills on time or live with the guilt of neglecting family and relationships for years because we can’t figure out “business”?

Be A Real Person that can relate-

I have a confession to make-I wondered that too…until recently when I discovered an advanced money making trend used by major corporations like McDonald’s and Amazon…

Show the solution-

We learned their secrets and broke it down into 4 Easy Steps so you and businesses like yours, can transform your profitability quickly, easily, and practically overnight.

Proof that it works-

These are the same 4 steps that transformed our business and I want you to have them too.

Create a future happy place-

Do you want to have a profitable business, create jobs for the community, spend time with your loved ones?

Be a hero-

If so, I will give you the four steps for FREE!

Call to action-

Click the link below and I will send you the 4 easy steps, and by dinner time tomorrow you will be thanking me for sending you this free report.

Make one last Powerful Statement-

PS-This free gift to fellow business owner will help to grow the Detroit community, {More call to action}so please share this link and claim you free training class before {Urgency!!} this ad expires tonight.

Be a real person-

To your success- Asn Brian Royster

I hope this helps you with your Facebook ads! If you need some further assistance don't hesitate to set up a meeting with us. Our first call is always a warm introduction call where we want to give you the most value as possible and see if we are a good fit to partner together to win your market! 

P.S. This format works pretty well for your landing page development as well! 

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