Growing Your Restaurant - Delivery, Pickup, And Store Traffic  

by Kyle Barry March 23rd, 2020

What is your biggest concern as a restaurant owner? Is it purchasing produce, finding the right employees, or deciding what new special to run next week?

I was raised in the restaurant industry and from watching my father run a kitchen for 18 years I can say with confidence your number one concern as a restaurant owner is making sure you have customers coming through your front door!

Every new restaurant feels like they are on top of the world from the huge influx of new customers coming through their front door. Unfortunately, this shiny object syndrome doesn't last for long and restaurants find themselves struggling to bring in customers consistently. 

Here are 5 aspects when it comes to restaurants that are a necessity to continue to grow and prosper throughout your years;

  1. Develop a list - From day one you should be collecting your customer's information. In this new generation information is power! As you collect customer information like email, phone number, location, and more you increase the overall value of your business.  Optinmonster states that every $1 spent on email marketing is worth a minimum of $38! Combining email marketing with text message marketing and advertising optimization building a list might be one of the most valuable marketing aspects of your business.
  2. Create Content - We live in a world of constant engagement. With the level of competition in the restaurant industry today you need to be top of mind for your customers. The best way to do that is to constantly show customers what you are doing through content. Either through written blogs ( If you need help contact IWriter ) or through images. Taking pictures daily of your restaurant should be second nature! Nothing makes a customer more hungry than a beautiful picture of your amazing food. 
  3. Turn New Customers Into Loyal Customers - "....the statistical likelihood of a customer coming back for a second visit is about 40%.....the statistical likelihood of a third visit is about 42%. The third time they come the statistical likelihood of a fourth visit is over 70%." From the great words of Gary V and Jon Taffer, watch the full video here. The key as a business owner is to advertise and market to customers so they come back a minimum of three times. This can be done in multiple different ways from email marketing, text message marketing, retargeting ads, and loyalty programs. 
  4. Always Ask For Reviews - When you look at a business on Google what is the first thing you see? Name, contact information, and reviews. As a restaurant owner, you need to recognize that a customer will see your reviews before they ever see your menu, pictures, or any information on your business. With this in mind, you need to constantly push for reviews from your customers. This can be done through follow-up emails, text messages, QR codes, or a simple ask at your restaurant. Keep in mind this is a tedious process so try to find a system that is automated so that you don't take time from you or your employees but are still asking for reviews.
  5. Consistently Attract New Customers - Returning customers are like the blood in your veins, but new customers are the heart of your business. Constantly pumping growth, prosperity, and development into your business. You need to have a plan of action to consistently attract new customers through your front door. In today's market that includes everything from direct mail flyers, TV, radio, billboards, menus, search ads, social media ads, and more. In today's market, the most effective and cheapest way to get in front of new customers is local Facebook and Youtube advertising. There are millions of sources to learn how to use these platforms but here is a video of how we help restaurants with Facebook advertising 

You have a challenge in your hands every day as a restaurant owner. From managing employees, dealing with equipment, and ensuring you are producing the best quality food. Having to deal with the everyday struggle of attracting new customers is not only difficult but ever-changing. If you want to automate your system to attract new customers, bring those customers back in, gain reviews, and answer customer questions contact us today and we would love to show you some free tools and systems to help your everyday process.

For more information on how we help restaurants click here.

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