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Focused On Your Perfect Customer

Stop wasting money on radio ads or billboards where you’re reaching out to the wrong customer with 90% of your money. We hyper-focus our advertising to show your business to the right customer that is ready to buy today!

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Driving New Business To You

We believe the answer to success in marketing is testing all possible routes. We will find the perfect pictures, words, and offers that drive customers to purchase from your business

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Full Marketing Sales Cycles

If you need to bring customers in again and again or if your looking to develop referrals and reviews we focus on getting the most out of every customer in your business. We track and record every customer that we bring to you so you know what your marketing is doing for your business. 


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Focused On Transparency, Innovation, and Growth For Every Business.

We understand that your business needs to grow every day to be successful. From bringing back existing customers to finding new customers you are on the constant hunt to sell your product or service. Since 2016 we have helped business optimize their marketing efforts so they have more time and less worry as customers continue to come through their front door. 

Our founder was raised in a family business and watched the development of advertising from 2002 till now first hand. After working for direct mail companies and other traditional forms of advertising he realized that online advertising offered something so much better! A more direct targeting, multiple different ads, true analytics with a direct show of results, and knowing exactly where your marketing dollars are going!

"Marketing isn't nice graphics, lengthy emails, or great offers. Marketing is the efforts and imagery put into the growth of your business. From the newest technology in online advertising to employees wearing branded shirts you as a business owner do marketing every day. Our job is to ensure we take the worry of the success or failure of that marketing away."

Kyle Barry, Owner of KB Social Media 


The value that our clients are getting from our services is our main interest.

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For Goodness Sakes


We found Kyle in the spring of 2018 to help springboard a new marketing campaign for our Organic Marketplace in Bonita Springs. He helped us to transform a sleepy 35 year old beloved local shop into one that has a reputation for innovative healthy products. Kyle helped design ads on multiple social media platforms and optimized our online presence so our name comes first when new customers search for Organic food. Our monthly sales are up 35 percent after a year of the campaign. We would highly recommend his energy level and knowledge for shaking up traditional small business ventures in SWFL. 

Paver Solutions St Petersburg, Florida


“I’ve worked with both big and small marketing firms, and I can tell you that none of them worked to grow my business like Kyle has. From day one he’s made it his mission to help us achieve our ambitious growth goals. He dives into the numbers and is constantly reevaluating to achieve better and better results. He works on my business like it is his own. That’s a hands-on approach I’ve never experienced with any other firm, and the results speak for themselves. If you need a marketing partner that’s fully invested in helping your business achieve its potential, then you need to give Kyle a call.”


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We help local businesses beat out national competitors through hyper targeted advertising. 


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